Sunday, August 16, 2009

500 Days of great soundtracks!

This will be a short posting. As short as my patience for an extremely well promoted movie (yes I started seeing posters for this movie in the Theatre in February!) - Sorry guys I wish I could say I loved the movie, not only because extremely gorgeous Zoey Deschanel is in it but because it had that oh so very familiar indie flick feel to it... but it wasn't. The storyline was boring and at some points a bit predictable, specially when we "find out" Zoey's character, Summer, is getting married.... SOOO Predictable!!!

Any who, since this blog is not about movies, but about music, music I consider great, I hope you all can appreciate a very indie feeling soundtrack which has everything from mellow pop brought to us courtesy of the Smiths (come on, who doesn't love the Smiths!), indie pop from Regina Spektor (interesting play between her voice and music) and even Pop sounds from the 80's by our very own Hall and Oats!!

To summarize the soundtrack - it has the perfect ingredients of a great collection of road trip songs, including Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. If only the movie was as good....

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Addictive Personality

I'm addicted to Dirty Beautiful things!

As I was about to give up on music, considering there really hasn't been much innovation with regards of production, good integration of harmonics, changing tempo, good interchangeable melodies, mood changing performances - since maybe Mars Volta or Austin TV - I found myself somewhat bored on a rainy Tuesday night in a city that is yet to show me its melodic side. Low and behold, my good friend Jen showed up at my doorstep with two tickets for the second night of a back-to-back "out of this world concert" (at least that's how she portrayed it at first) at the 9:30 Club which has hosted some decent bands in the past (see Austin TV post). After a good 30 minutes of a back and forth on how I thought the DC music scene was somewhat dead, and being completely apprehensive about the concert, I agreed to accompany my friend to this "oh so out of this world" concert headlined by TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors serving as an opening band.

After spending a couple of minutes immersed in some "brew ha has" I was ready for the concert to begin. By the way, I find the wait between the time you get to the venue and the time the concert actually begins is one of the most obnoxious things out there, and don't get me started on the "wannabe" roadies.... Nonetheless the concert started almost on time. As I previously pointed out TV on the Radio was the headlining band, and although they were great in concert, I will not get into how lively their show was, since most of you know about them and their great shows. Also, since this posting is about rediscovering my love for music, I will just get into it:

As the first two members of the Dirty Projectors walked in (Dave Longstreth- musical director /guitarist and Angel Deradoorian - singing, keyboards, guitar and samples) two of the most languid and comical figures I had ever seen, Dave grabbed his guitar (cappo in hand) and started playing Two Doves, a stand-alone acoustic cry with a sweet, sweet melody and as I later found out exquisite lyrics (apparently the song is also the lead single off their new album). Following that beautiful explosion of emptiness and sorrow the rest of the band came out: Amber Coffman (singing, guitar), Brian Mcomber (drums), Nat Baldwin (bass) and Haley Dekle (singin) all in super hipster (somewhat annoying) plaid and white shirts… Second song came up, Cannibal Resource and from the get go I could feel that this band with influences from rock, pop, hip hop, world music and who knows where else, offering some of the most unique, inspiring and downright amazing music available right now, were going to blow my mind away.

The amazingly interchanging melodies (yes, each of the three girls carried their own melody) skillfully played with Musical Director Dave Longstreth’s graspy voice to create this harmonious exchange of progressive music. Mr. Longstreth’s guitar holding skills seemed to mimic those of a three year old, but his playfulness with each string seemed to resemble that of Hendrix or Page (yes I know I am a heretic for even saying that) making this strange sound that made you both want to groove and jump. Bassist Nat Baldwin seemed to perfectly integrate hip-hop beats with a great hipster and poppy sound in Stillness is the Move not to mention Amber Coffman’s out of the shell voice, interact to create a very catchy tune resembling something from a Britney Spears album.

Apparently, the band collaborated with David Byrne (The Talking Heads) on the song "Knotty Pine" which appears on the Dark Was the Night compilation which definitely brings an amazing good vibe to that whole compilation.

I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Estacion Mexico... Clandestino

After years en el olvido, Manu Chao is back to playing live! This live LP taped at el Foro Cultural Alicia in Mexico, coincides with the closing of his 2006 worldwide tour and includes acoustic versions of some old time favorites and some of his latest repertoire from his his 2007 release, La Radiolina.

In true Manu style, this live acoustic LP includes a mellowed down mix of his festival-rousing rock, defiant politics, and multilingual lyrics and resembles the energy of his 2002 Live album, Radio Bemba Sound System minus the horns section and energizing live and electric guitars. Truly this record is to be enjoyed with a bottle of wine next to you. The dub versions of many of his songs continue his indie tradition with an even more bohemian feel to them.

La vida tombola (track 13) and El Hoyo (track 14) included in La Radiolina are perfect additions to the acoustic set and add an amazing anejo feel to a very dubby and festive performance.

Without further introduction here is
Estacion Mexico. Please enjoy!

PS: thanks for the clandestino reader that shared this new album!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fabulosos Cadillacs are back... really??

Sr. Flavio, Vicentico y compañia come back with their signature composition of tropical and rock in a moderate album that nonetheless feels pressured at all times. This is the kind of unfortunate album legendary bands release just before reuniting for their concert tour, no wonder, their “Satanico Pop Tour” kicked off this month in Mexico.

Before this review starts looking too depressing, I’d say La Luz del Ritmo is not a bad album, just plain mediocre. The double disc includes five new tracks that could have been more significant without the unnecessary refills. Buying this album I felt like the kid that gets coal in his stalking the day after Christmas... waiting for something better, like a good album after almost 8 years of waiting! Six of the band’s classics were remastered, but with the exception of “Muy muy temprano” these versions seem to have a better fit in their disappointing
Sopa de Caracol LP.

La Luz Del Ritmo”, the first single of the album, does give us that semi operture feel that we got when we listened to El Muerto or Sabato (Fabulosos Calavera) but falls short on Flavio's simplistic bass tabs.

“Flores” is worth mentioning as it is the only song here where they actually sound modern. The remake/remastering of
Los Condenaditos sounds like a fake nortena song and falls short to deliver all the majestic and nostalgic feel it gave us in its La Marcha del Golazo Solitario version.

Los Cadillacs always aspire towards the majestic as we experienced in their past two albums,
Fabulos Calavera and La Marcha, but this middling album falls short on its "epic musical vision". A pair of translated refills were included here, “Should I stay or should I go” by The Clash and “Wake up and make love with me” by Ian Dury - are dodgy attempts at sounding like they did in past albums like Vasos Vacios or Yo te Avise.

Their performance at the MTVLA VMA's which was supposed to be a hint of what’s offered in the included DVD, very energetic and collectible, sounded more like a bunch of middle aged men trying to make some money. I do have to give them props for not overflowing the market with a bunch of albums like Soda Stereo did on their reunion.

La Luz del Ritmo
is irregular, sometimes even exhausting, but it is no sign for decency on their current talent, they just failed on how to put it together. This won’t stop me from wanting to attend their tour, but they won’t get any new fans jumping on their wagon either. A head-scratcher to review and a difficult to recommend, it is disappointing because of its opportunistic structure, but the new stuff fails to deliver.

Since I know many of you still have not had access to the new LP and since I want to hear what everyone thinks about it click here to download the album.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mars Volta meets Cafe Tacvba!

For those of you who love the Mars Volta... but also appreciate the subtle harmonies of Cafe Tacvba, please meet Austin TV one of the newest bands coming from the DF (as in Mexico, DF). It is a very beautiful melodic rock sound that is sure to captivate anyone. I saw them for the first time a couple of months ago opening for Cafe Tacvba at the 9:30 Club in DC.

I was completely tuned in to their sound after just a few seconds of listening to their extremely mellow but powerful melodies. I also noticed they are all wearing masks, very intrinsic green masks (look like goblins) which they never took off throughout the show and as they explain: "We thought that we wanted to give not only an audio show but an audiovisual show, and try to make a different experience each time, and when possible get more conceptual in every show and stuff around it. About the masks: We think that people is worth by itself and his physical appearances doesn't always say the real thing.. Your face is not important the truth is inside!"

Without further .... Please enjoy!

This is the live version of their first single (Marduk) from their newest album, Fontana Bella:

Also if you're interested in downloading their new album just click here.

NOTE: you will need the .
RAR file decompressor to listen to the album.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's get it on...

Can we just get it on?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shower etiquette...

My friend sent me this email about the diferences between men and women taking showers which I totally had to share with you all (the 3 people that read this blog!!??). It is originaly in Spanish so I will try to do my best with the translation (versions are side to side)


1. They take their clothes off and place them in the hamper.
Se quita la ropa y la coloca en la cesta de la ropa sucia.

2. They walk to the shower with their bath robe on. If they see their husband or boyfriend on, they cover up and tippy toes to the bathroom swiftly.
Camina hacia la ducha con su bata de baño. Si ve a su marido o novio en el camino, se tapa bien el cuerpo y sale corriendo en puntas hacia el baño.

3. Sits in front of the mirror and inspects her body. Pushes out a belly so she can complain of how "fat" she looks.
Se para frente al espejo y detalla su físico. Saca la barriga para poder quejarse más de lo gorda que esta.

4. Goes in the shower, looks for her face cloth, the foamy stuff for her arms and legs, the loufa for her back and the pomes stone.
Se mete en la bañera, busca el pañito para la cara, la espumita para los brazos y las piernas, el cepillo de la espalda y la piedra pómez.

5. Washes her hair with herbal/honey shampoo that contains 83,000 vitamins in it.
Lava su pelo con Shampoo de hierbas y miel con 83.000 vitaminas.

6. Washes her hair, again with herbal/honey shampoo that contains 83,000 vitamins in it.
Vuelve a lavar el pelo con Shampoo de hierbas y miel con 83.000 vitaminas.

7. Applies herbal/honey conditioner and leaves it on for 15 mins.
Se aplica acondicionador de pelo de hierbas y miel y se lo deja por 15 mins.

8. Gently washes her face with a mix of peach, oatmeal and sugar for 10 mins.
Se lava la cara con una mezcla de durazno, avena y azucar por 10 min.

9. Washes the rest of her body with a natural oil (nuts and strawberies) soap and a glove that supposeldy helps her lose weight.
Se lava el resto del cuerpo con jabón, aceites de nueces y fresas y un guante que supuestamente la hace bajar de peso.

10. Takes 10 minutes to wash off the conditioner, because she has to make sure that she's washed it all off.
Se quita el acondicionador del cabello durante 10 minutos porque tiene que estar segura de quitárselo todo.

11. Shaves her armpits and legs, considers shaving her bikini area but decides to use tweezers.

Se afeita las axilas y las piernas, considera afeitarse el area del bikini, pero decide depilarlo.

12. Shouts when somebody flushes the toilet and the water pressure goes down and the water gets colder.
Grita cuando alguien le baja el wc y la ducha pierde presión el agua caliente se enfría.

13. Turns the water off.
Cierra la regadera.

14. Dries off every single part of her body (while in the tub).
Se escurre todas las partes mojadas (dentro de la regadera).

15. Gets out of the shower and dries herself with a towel as big as Africa and America (combined).
Sale de la regadera y se seca con la toalla del tamaño de Africa y América juntas.

16. Puts another towel on her head
Se pone otra toalla en la cabeza.

17. Inspects every inch of her body - looking for any black heads, zits or any other impurities and attacks them with her nails or tweezers.
Se mira todo el cuerpo en busca de espinillas, barros y granos y los ataca con uñas y pinzas.

18. Returns to her room with the giant towel wrapped around, or with her bath robe, and a smaller towel that she uses to dry off her hair while walking to the room.
Regresa a la habitación con la gigante toalla envuelta en ella, o en su defecto con la bata, y otra toalla más pequeña con la que se va secando la cabeza camino a la habitación.

19. If she sees her husband or boyfriend she covers up and runs to the bedroom and takes 30 mins getting dressed (not counting the time taken changing her outfit) and another hour and a half putting makeup on.
Si vuelve a ver al marido o novio se tapa y sale corriendo para el cuarto, pasa hora y media vistiéndose sin contar los cambios de ropa que ha realizado, y otra hora y media maquillándose.

20. At last she looks at the mirror and whimpers: "I don't look good".
Al final se ve en el espejo y dice: 'no me veo bien.'


1. Leaning over the bed, stretching and scratching his bals, he takes his clothes off and leaves them on the floor.
Sentado en la cama desperezándose y rascándose las verijas; se quita la ropa y la deja en el suelo.

2. Walks naked or in boxers to the bathroom - while scratching his butt... If he sees his wife, he sort of shows his..... and slaps her ass...
Va desnudo o en boxer al baño, rascándose una nalga... Si ve a su esposa o novia, le medio enseña 'el pajaro' y le pellizca o le da una palmada en una nalga.
3. Sits in front of the mirror and checks himself out - tucks his beer belly in, looks at the size of his..., scratches his balls and smells his hands afterwards. Ahhhhhh!!
Se para frente al espejo para ver su físico y mete la barriga, se ve el tamaño del pene en el espejo, se rasca las guevas y se huele las manos. !Aaahhhhh!

4. Washes his face with whatever he finds first - even if its shampoo.
Se lava la cara con lo primero que encuentra, así sea el shampoo.

5. Cracks up after hearing his fart going around the room.
Se caga de la risa y se oye cuando se tira tremendo pedo dentro de la ducha.

6. Washes his ass and leaves hair on the bar soap... really? how funny!
Se lava el trasero y deja los pelos en el jabón.... ¡Si no, que chiste!

7. Washes his hair with soap or shampoo and does not even think of using conditioner.
Se lava el pelo con jabón o shampoo y no usa acondicionador.

8. Uses his soap to spike up his hair just like a "PUNK" (Think Ferris Bueller in the shower!)
Se hace un peinado 'PUNK' con la espuma del jabón.

9. Opens the curtain or door to look at himself in the mirror and starts laughing!
Abre la cortina o la puerta para verse en el espejo y se caga de la risa.

10. Takes a long and steady piss trying to aim on the drain
Se tira reverenda MEADA en la regadera intentando atinarle al desague.

11. Gets all shampoo or soap off and gets out of the shower. Doesn't even notice that the whole bathroom floor is wet because he left the curtain/door open - Still doesn't care shit!
Se quita todo el shampoo o jabón y sale de la ducha. No se da cuenta que todo el baño esta mojado porque dejó la cortina por fuera de la regadera o la puerta medio abierta, igual le importa un culo.

12. He sorta dries off!
Medio se seca.

13. Looks at himself in the mirror, flexes his muscles makes faces and then laughs out loud while looking at the size of his penis to see it it's actually bigger.
Se ve otra vez en el espejo, saca músculos, hace cara de malo y luego de conquistador, se ríe y se mira el tamaño del pene para ver si ahora lo tiene más grande.

15. Leaves the shower curtain open and the rug all wet.
Deja la cortina abierta y la alfombra mojada.

16. Goes back to the bedroom with the smallest towell he can find around his waist. If he sees his wife or girlfriend he pretends his towel drops and shows her his "bird", slaps her again in the ass, she gets pissed and he just laughs it off.
Regresa al cuarto con una toallita en la cintura. Si ve a la esposa o novia hace como si se le cayera la toalla para enseñarle 'el pajaro' y le da otra nalgada, ella se enoja y él se muere de la risa.

17. Throws the towel on to the bed and takes 2 minutes to get dress by putting on the first thing he can find.
Tira la toalla mojada en la cama y se viste en 2 minutos con lo primero que encuentra.

18. Looks at himself in the mirror and says: God damn! What a good looking guy!
Se ve en el espejo y dice: Jueputa que man tan pinta.

ES O NO ES...??